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Press Club Haridwar
Sick of years of division and dissension, Haridwar district journalists felt the need of coming together on one platform way back in 1986, the year of Kumbh in the holy city. This led to the Har-Ki-Pauribirth of Bharatiya Samvad Parishad towards the year-end. Journalists of all shades of opinion joined the new forum with a collective resolve to work to create social awareness. As such, 'janachetana ka samoohik sankalp' became the Parishad's motto. To promote healthy journalism conducive to furtherance of social causes was its avowed aim. The Bharatiya Samvad Parishad also committed itself to providing congenial atmosphere for development of the members' professional skill and ability and safeguarding their interests. Initially, the Parishad had limited membership. But, when it subsequently got renamed as Press Club due to certain pressing reasons in 1994, with the same aims and objectives, perhaps the changed nomenclature resulted in the membership swelling soon to over 90. It now nearly touches the 150 mark and reflects the wide social spectrum. Besides journalists, the Press Club comprises professionals including doctors and teachers, politicians, saints, priests, businessmen and so on, who take to part time journalism. It has members from both the print and electronic media. Reporters of almost all important television channels as well as national,state-level and regional newspapers are on its members list. Due to its activeness, strong organisation and smooth conduct of affairs, the Press Club Haridwar is regarded as the media persons best platform in the state. It zealously celebrated 2011 as its silver jubilee year on a large scale.

Many of the meet-the-press programmes of the Press Club Haridwar, which was inaugurated in 1986 by the then Lok Sabha Speaker Dr. Balram Jakhad, were graced by celebrities including litterateurs, media persons and politicians. It has to its credit successful organisation of many national-level seminars, workshops on journalism and popularly acclaimed literary and cultural functions. Besides being a hub of press conferences, seminars and interactive sessions, it has from time to time given vent to its social concerns with its members actively participating in campaigns against lottery business, use of polythene and Ganga pollution, etc. But the Press Club is, above all, a place where the media persons meet, chat and share views. Their discussions are related to things from their neighbourhood to the nation and from the earth to the sky. They enlighten as they delight and delight as they enlighten. And what is the best, they leave them all as better friends. They allege, insinuate, criticise and condemn, and yet chum up together. As a result, even after 25 years, the Press Club is going great guns. It has permanent premises in the heart of the city. Its two storey building is named after Acharya Pt. Kishori Das Vajapeyee, a renowned grammarian and literary figure from Haridwar. Like Acharaya ji , who ever had uppermost in his mind the individual's dignity and freedom, the Press Club members, his great lovers and admirers, have vowed to be always in the vanguard of protecting the freedom of the press.

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